The View TV Group (VTG) is a media and consulting business offering our services to channel and content owners who want to make their channel or content work harder for them.

Our purpose
Audiences are increasingly watching TV on their personal mobile devices rather than on their big screens at home so they are looking for a more customised experience, making the traditional linear TV broadcast approach less appealing.  VTG was set up to meet this growing viewer need and with our programmatic ad replacement technology being so effective, it allows advertisers to uniquely target their product to each specific viewer who then benefits from personalised viewing experiences.

Our consultancy service
We provide a wide variety of media consultancy from the development of strategic plans through to implementation project management and work with clients to determine how best to achieve your aims.

Our products
We have developed a no CAPEX online TV platform that provides channel and content owners with an end-to-end service covering all technology requirements for worldwide broadcast. Also, our revenue tools eliminate the cost of a sales team by filling 100% of your advertising with guaranteed premium ads for a rapid return on investment (RoI).
What we provide for channel and content owners
– full end-to-end service providing a platform for online linear TV and VOD
– no CAPEX and low OPEX with no broadband costs
– no sales team overhead: 100% programmatic ads sold, worldwide
– revenue return from your current schedule / content of between 200 – 300%
– simulcast with or without ad replacement
– ads targeted at each individual viewer improving user experience
– broadcast worldwide with local ads
– full 1080 HD multi-device viewing on more than 100 SMART / mobile devices
– no technical team overhead
Give us your schedule and content and we’ll do everything else to monetise it.

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