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Rathergood Media

Rathergood Media is a television production and interactive television agency specialising in Media Management and Digital Video on Demand Services.  Rathergood Media has followed the evolution of television over the past ten years with people now engaging and interacting with TV more and more via digital and mobile devices.    Are you looking for some Rathergood Television?

Creative Television:


VOD Platform

VOD Platform is a fully monetised cloud hosted solution for Video on Demand or Live Video Streaming. The platform provides a simple solution for broadcasters to distribute and monetise VOD content.  Content is encoded and distributed to multiple platforms on video enabled devices via a fully automated scheduling system. Our solution guarantees 100% Ad fill.

VOD Platform –



UK Streaming Agency Prostream provides innovating audio, video and television streaming products to broadcast media content to as many digital and mobile devices as possible.  Our services no only provide simple to us, fast and engaging technology but we also provide revenue generation tools and detailed engagement statistics.  If you want your media content to be accessed everywhere then Prostream is your perfect partner.

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Kapang brings together tv and on demand services in an Over The Top (OTT) online TV platform. The Kapang platform takes away the requirements for any technical hardware and people; we even fill 100% of your unsold adverts from day one.

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Business Digital

Business Digital provides insight, advice and consultancy to businesses on key developments in the media and technology sectors. Our Digital Business Consultants provide down to earth guidance and support to technology companies no matter what stage of their corporate life cycle, ranging from start-ups to companies entering commercialisation and established business looking to expand, innovate, IPO or exit.


Broadcast & Media Services


Local TV

Our Local TV solution provides a county-wide licence and offers a fully managed & 100% monetised service with a flexible revenue model. The package includes linear TV and VOD, providing two revenue streams. A one-off licence fee with no Capex and low Opex ensures you can quickly launch your new channel without investing in new technology or staff. We are able to automatically fill any unsold inventory meaning you are able to start earning money from day one.

Local TV Group –


View TV Platform

View TV is an online video platform which provides a single point of reference for any viewer wanting to engage with a broadcasters content.  The platform allows people to find and watch content across all channels from one single website address but also holds content which would not traditionally be shown on a video platform.  From bedroom broadcasts to major broadcasters, the View TV Platform hosts professional engaging content.

Watch TV Online

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Radio Platform

Our Radio Platform is a unique solution that creates a monetised live video stream channel from an existing radio station. A full HD live stream, taken directly from the studio will be framed by a branded viewing screen that is surrounded by animated style boxes showing local weather, social media and news feeds. Listeners will be able to view the studio and interact with the channel, guests and participate in competitions. The channel will be full monetised via programmatic video advertising and service sponsorship, providing a fun interactive new medium and an additional revenue stream for a small set up fee and flexible revenue model.

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Telly Platform

Telly Platform is a fully managed cloud-based linear TV and on-demand service. Broadcasting in full 1080 HD across multiple devices, we guarantee 100% advertising fill and a true TV-like experience for VOD. Channels can be deployed globally with time shift and localised advertising. With zero capex and low operating costs it’s never been easier to launch a TV channel. We are able to automatically fill any unsold inventory meaning you are able to start earning money from day one from the two revenue streams.