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So what does our collection of jewels include?


Rathergood Media

Rathergood Media is a television production and interactive television agency with a specialism in Media Management and Digital Video on Demand Services.  Rathergood Media has followed the evolution of television over the past ten years with people now engaging and interacting with TV more and more via digital and mobile devices.    Are you looking for some Rathergood Television?

Creative Television:


VOD Platform

VOD Platform is a cloud hosted solution for anyone delivering Video on Demand or Live Video Streaming.  The platform provides a very simple solution for broadcasters to deploy video files or video feeds with very little technical knowledge.  These videos can then be re-encoded to another format and distributed to multiple platforms down stream such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook via a fully automated scheduling system.

VOD Platform



UK Streaming Agency  Prostream provides innovating audio, video and television streaming products to broadcast media content to as many digital and mobile devices as possible.  Our services no only provide simple to us, fast and engaging technology but we also provide revenue generation tools and detailed engagement statistics.  If you want your media content to be accessed everywhere then Prostream is your perfect partner.

UK Streaming Company –




Kapang is a software product which will revolutionise television and video on demand services globally by bringing the audience closer than ever to their favourite broadcasts.  Kapang will be launched at the end of 2014 providing the missing link between social media, television and the viewing audience.  Check out the Kapang website for more information over the coming months.

Kapang Digital


Business Digital

Business Digital provides insight, advice and consultancy to businesses on key developments in the media and technology sectors. As Digital Business Consultants provide down to earth guidance and support to technology companies at various stages of their corporate life cycle, ranging from start-ups to companies entering commercialisation and established business looking to expand, innovate, IPO or exit.

Business Digital


Broadcast & Media Services


Local TV Group

The Local TV Group is an empowering service from Prostream which allows any person from a local town to set up and run a local television channel for their town or city.  Local TV allows anyone in the world with internet access to view short form videos about the town on mobile, tablet or any computer with a web browser.  The package has a fully flexible revenue model which will see any size town become a success.

Local TV Group


View TV Platform

View TV is an online video platform which provides a single point of reference for any viewer wanting to engage with a broadcasters content.  The platform allows people to find and watch content across all channels from one single website address but also holds content which would not traditionally be shown on a video platform.  From bedroom broadcasts to major broadcasters, the View TV Platform hosts professional engaging content.

Watch TV Online

Add a channel – View TV Platform


phundrs – Funding Platform

phunders is a technology, television, film and media crowd funding platform for innovative projects which are mentored by senior members of the View TV Group. Anyone can submit a campaign to phunders and we will review and work with the entrepreneurs to make sure the project is viable before publishing the campaign.