Addressable Video Advertising – Simply put, Addressabley sits within an IP infrastructure developed by View TV Group to enable broadcasters / publishers to efficiently place addressable adverts that are personalised and that have relevance and are timed to deliver effective brand engagement at scale. This allows your ad to be presented just to the people you want to target dependent on their viewing habits.

Due to this targeting, advertisers are more willing to pay a premium for their adverts to be placed in your content inventory and cost per thousand views (CPM) are typically 3 – 5 times higher than average display ad formats including web video ads.

Addressabley – The Addressable Advertising Solution

Addressabley provides a way of connecting your product, content or offer with the people who would be most interested in it, at the exact time they’re most ready to hear from you. It combines data and business infrastructure with a deep understanding of the customers’ viewing needs. This is the traditional way for broadcasters to attract higher value TV ads.

A report by Finecast found that of those open to advertising, 59% say they trust TV the most vs only 6% online. To many, the latter feels intrusive and a low-quality experience, whereas TV’s high production value is associated with trustworthy and engaging content.

TV’s trusted environment and the high-quality production of content that ads share a screen with builds brand like no other medium. Addressable ads combined with other relevant data means brands can increase relevance to the viewer and create higher engagement with the message, making campaigns more cost-effective and creates a tailor-made TV experience.

Programmatictelly – Programmatic Trading Platform

An alternative, and still developing approach to selling ad inventory is to conduct a programmatic auction where a floor price is set and other prices defined in a ‘waterfall’ that automatically establishes a buyer and seller for the inventory at an agreed price. The infrastructure may be available to enable this but the buying behaviour for TV video adverts is not yet consistent, stable or premium enough to make this our main revenue generator. However, we do have this capability and through our core partner, we are plugged in to GroupM , the media investment group of WPP, to serve as the primary partner for all programmatic digital video and over-the-top (OTT) inventory. The partnership will enable GroupM to provide us with direct access to premium publisher inventory beyond linear television, thereby complementing traditional TV media buys.

Connected TV SSAI Ad Fill

We can directly sell / fill advertising inventory across all content on all channels on Kapang and onto other platforms e.g. Pluto and Xumo with our in-house ad sales that includes planning, buying, decisioning, and optimization processes. We use Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), a technology that allows advertisers to swap out lower value ad creative in linear, live or video-on-demand, content for higher value / higher CPM. Our own advertising sales capability provides premium demand advertising direct from agencies or advertisers as well as contracts with the largest and best-known and trusted video advertising platforms such as SpotX, Freewheel, Axiom, Google ad manager and several others enabling monetization of content.

Connected TV Audience Measurement

UK TV audience growth as a whole is not tracked appropriately due to the archaic way of measuring and reporting national TV viewing through BARB and radio listening through RAJAR that does not directly measure numbers of viewers or listeners. Neither do they effectively monitor digital and online data. Our measurement of user engagement is precise, accurate to each viewer / listener and results available almost in real time to the content owner and advertising agency.

Videologic – Advertising Server

Our own broadcast advertising server holds the ads that have been sold into inventory ready to be served in the contracted content / channel at the right time of the day for all geos. We work at the conjunction of data and inventory to achieve a specific objective; of serving ads of the highest revenue in each ad pod. Your campaigns are continually optimized for delivery of targeted audience segments and, so that you always know where your ads are running with reporting, insights, and custom analysis of performance, they are continuously measured by our Ad Services Team.

Telly Ads – Addressable Ad Production

Before an advert can be placed in broadcast inventory, it needs to have the creatives designed and produced, a service which we can provide. Our friendly production team will guide you through the creative process on an enjoyable journey. The team comes from a diverse range of experience in film production, visual effects, and commercial advertising. We have in-house producers, writers, directors, and camera operators, as well as an array of additional production team members. Experts in Clearcast and benefiting from full in-house facilities, we are a cost-effective solution for challenger brands and first-time advertisers.

Note 1 – Finecast – Thinking Inside The Box survey 2020

Note 2 – World’s largest ad sales group owning three of the top five global media agencies with $63 billion in annual media spend