What is Business Digital?

Business Digital is a consultancy for tv and radio. We work with leading radio and television broadcasters to help them reduce complexity, improve ratings and viewer experience, grow revenue and develop digital strategies all working on the performance of your bottom line.

Strategic Consultancy

Our strategic consultancy, project management and technical consultancy services deliver solutions that are tailored to each client's business - no two projects are the same. We speak in technology-free language and are committed to delivering honest and practical advice to suit your business. We are entirely independent of any supplier, manufacturer or installer.

Phased Consultancy

We will phase your development and changes into achievable stages to suit both your budget and timeline. The initial setup stage will be where the majority of the system changes occur, with the future phases incorporating additional developments, to be deployed once previously agreed KPI targets are met.

Our Experience

We bring an extensive experience of the international broadcasting world and the technology within it.

View TV Group's premium motoring tv channel, Only Motors, was originally developed in order to test and initiate the company's new OTT and programmatic advertising technology. Only Motors TV was our first broadcast consultancy project, from the concept through to present day where the channel is fully monetised and commercially successful.

But our experience goes far beyond the world of the traditional broadcaster. We understand the complex business environments our clients operate in. Our expertise in managing multiple projects with multiple disciplines increases value to our clients, giving them a single strategic overview and a single point of contact.

If you want the world to know, we can help you to broadcast in any way, from webcasting to your own TV channel, or we can help you to make high impact business presentations to the world's media. But, in the Boardroom, we can ensure that what is private stays private.

We work with clients from a broad range of media sectors, from TV broadcasting, Commercial Radio, Advertisers, Publishers, Content Producers, Playout Service providers and more.

What do we deliver?

  • Complex broadcasting, communications and technology projects for television, radio and OTT
  • Design applications at the cutting edge of technology developments
  • Dedicated team of professional advisers and project managers on hand to assist with any situation that may arise
  • Innovative problem solving
  • Extensive first-hand industry knowledge and expertise of television, radio and OTT industries, providers and systems

We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality of service possible with absolute attention to detail. This means that nothing is missed.

We provide objective, impartial but expert and practical advice based on our experience. This means that we will always challenge your brief to make sure the technology matches the business need.