Who we are

The View TV Group (VTG) is a media and consulting business offering our services to channel and content owners who want to make their channel or content work harder for them.

Our purpose

Audiences are increasingly watching TV on their personal mobile devices rather than on their big screens at home so they are looking for a more customised experience, making the traditional linear TV broadcast approach less appealing.

Our consultancy service

We provide a wide variety of media consultancy from the development of strategic plans through to implementation project management and work with clients to determine how best to achieve your aims.

Our products

We have developed a no CAPEX online TV platform that provides channel and content owners with an end-to-end service covering all technology requirements for worldwide broadcast.  Also, our revenue tools eliminate the cost of a sales team by filling 100% of your advertising with guaranteed premium ads for a rapid return on investment (RoI).

What we provide for channel and content owners

- full end-to-end service providing a platform for online linear TV and VOD

- no CAPEX and low OPEX with no broadband costs

- no sales team overhead: 100% programmatic ads sold, worldwide

- revenue return from your current schedule / content of between 200 – 300%

- simulcast with or without ad replacement

- ads targeted at each individual viewer improving user experience

- broadcast worldwide with local ads

- full 1080 HD multi-device viewing on more than 100 SMART / mobile devices

- no technical team overhead

Give us your schedule and content and we’ll do everything else to monetise it.


Six Steps to Broadcasting Success – our analysis of what constitutes the future of television is shown here as 6 steps. We know this as it is what we discovered when we developed our own end-to-end service to produce our premier channel Only Motors -http://tv.onlymotors. We will mentor clients through – the ‘Six Steps to Broadcasting Success’ covering the optimum requirements in each step.

The mentoring process will be undertaken in a way that is quick, improves performance and viewer experience and creates sustainable results with no CAPEX. Some of these points are covered below.

Quickly Improve Performance – identifying potential improvement is one thing, unlocking the potential quickly and sustainably is another. Reducing complexity by redefining boundaries to unlock new opportunities reduces time to market. This brings on new sources of revenue quickly where profits are far greater than the cost of old ways of working and outdated technology. This provides solid revenue to spend on improving obsolescent ways of working later on.

Reboot IT – much of the value we bring to the party is technology-related – by getting rid of it! Our 4-year gestation period developing our own premium channel, Only Motors was mainly spent getting the technology stack perfectly integrated so that end-to-end broadcast costs plummeted and advertising revenue skyrocketed. We can do the same for anyone else’s channel.

Transform Viewer Experience – viewers are picky! They want HD, mobile, apps, catch-up, more choice. The list goes on and on. Interestingly, we found that if the content is great and the other elements above are deployed properly, the viewer experience improves by itself.

Revenue Modelling – quick results require an outstanding RoI. Getting the right return means getting pricing spot-on as it almost always has the most leverage on profit.

Create Sustainable Results – traditional organisational change works in favour of the consultant, they are seen as ‘the experts’. How arrogant! We want results to continue flowing once we have left. To achieve this, any change needs to come from within the client. Our role is to help the client to challenge their limiting beliefs of what is possible – to help them create a clear and compelling vision for their future – and be able to monitor and report on it.


Our approach is to mentor you through the journey to where you want to be.

This is based on 4 year’s worth of development of our own premium channel http://tv.onlymotors, that has proven both our method and the potential for making channels that are already broadcasting and media content more profitable.

We find our clients generally have one or more of these problems to solve:

  • They have a satellite channel and want to increase profits from the schedule
  • They have an online presence that needs a better revenue model
  • They have media content that could be more effectively exploited

Our method is simple, effective and rapid. It is to reduce complexity, re-use what already exists but more effectively and provides an alternative TV platform so that clients can move quickly into higher profits. Each client is different so we have developed a phased approach to understand what each requires. This 6 Phase approach is shown below.

Phase 0 – Channel Idea: Challenge for Potential

Generally, our clients are media-savvy, they already run channels, have media libraries and understand their market. However, they may not be aware of the potential to make their channel / content work a lot harder for them.

We start with an evaluation of the current status of the channel or online presence and provide an outline of the potential profitability. The outcome will help clients to challenge their own assumptions regarding the potential to increase profits without a major shift in what they are already good at.

Phase 1 – Establishing Requirements: Understanding for Change

Because we have produced our own channel we understand what is needed to provide an end-to-end service. The elements of a full service include: management, content, audience, technology, revenue and reporting. We work with clients to help them understand which of these elements need to be changed in order to identify their requirements, so as to reduce complexity and increase profits.

Phase 2 – Design: For Exploitation

Clients who have effectively challenged their status-quo work together with us to design what elements of their current service, schedule, technology or content could be further exploited or replaced completely. This Phase will also design the integration of your channel into our app or provide a template for your own.

Phase 3 – Build: Plan & Implement for Profit

Once we have jointly agreed the required change, a Transformation Roadmap is produced that plans details of actions to be taken, roles & responsibilities, targets and approach for the required change. This Phase also implements the change. Whatever other change objectives that are identified, the overarching one will generally result in higher sustainable profits.

Phase 4 – Launch & Support: Short Time to Market

We will launch your VOD Platform and Telly Platform if appropriate, on linear TV. Your channel will be shown on Kapang, the View TV Directory. We will generate audience interest to the whole directory through social media - free. We will advise you how to increase audience numbers to your channel specifically using the same, well tested and efficient approach. We have partners that can support your launch marketing and PR if necessary.

 Phase 5 – Linear / Global Launch: Maximising Global Revenue

At an appropriate time, we would go through Phases 3 and 4 again but for linear where we would provide broadcast on Sky, FreeView Connect or YouView IPTV and our other partners could provide linear TV in other countries e.g. USA, Australia, mainland Europe and others.