Creative Broadcast provides a way in for potential customers to use our full end-to-end solution when they do not already have either the resources, skills or experience to monetise or broadcast their content or develop their idea.

Building a Connected TV Channel

View TV Group delivers Creativity across all of the Broadcast touchpoints including content, advertising, technology and distribution. Content and channel owners come in all sorts of sizes and levels of maturity in each of the touchpoints and Creative Broadcast exists to provide each of them with the support needed to ‘fill the gaps’. This support could be in preparation for broadcasting on Kapang or on other platforms, content scheduling, media production or management and brand management.

Complete Connected TV Solution

Our end-to-end tech and advertising solution for broadcasters / publishers has been consciously kept simple and efficient to keep costs down and profits up. However, the output is 100% about digital user experience using mobile and smart devices connected to the internet. To give a traditional TV broadcast experience, but better, digitally.However, getting people to embrace digital TV means we have to meet them where they are and motivate them to change direction. We have a standard way to do this but at the same time recognising one way is not appropriate for all situations.

Connected TV Development Plan

The View TV Group end-to-end solution took 6 years to develop, starting with us making our own content and then designing and developing the four main elements of successful TV broadcasting; content, audience, technology and revenue into the current end-to-end solution.

We use the same four elements to search for ‘the gaps to fill’ in customers’ objectives and then use a 6-phase approach working with them to provide a solution.

An example of a potential customer project is shown below where they have a considerable amount of content to monetise but have limited skills of how to do this.

This would be a substantial project, but we use the same approach where a customer wants a range of less comprehensive support in different areas across the four main elements of successful TV broadcasting.

TV Scheduling

Our scheduling software allows simple or complex scheduling of content with added facilities like closed captioning, lower thirds, branding and compliance. Successful television channels identify their audience at each time of day and schedule appropriate content for the demographic, e.g. 10am – 12 midday on a Tuesday, unemployed or over 60’s.

When the scheduling is carried out scientifically to the expected demographic, the channel can take a higher percentage of the overall platform viewership.

Media Management

Once content has been ingested, it often requires work to cut it to time, to fix sound or colour issues, add graphics or other creative input and we have resources to do that and more. We have our own green screen studio and the full suite of production equipment and experienced crew to make your story come alive. We have edit stations and sound booths for VO with the latest editing software and editors to pull it all together with sound, dubbing, colour grading and graphics.

Content Production

All of the content was produced by View TV Group companies and staff in the UK and US. The capability for creative story development, scripting, film and location planning, video production and directing, video editing and post-production are all catered for. We start with the brief, getting to know you and the vision for your content than creatively develop on your idea and present so that we are all on the same wavelength to get approval. We then go into pre-production with extensive planning, scripting and story boarding so that a schedule and casting can start while locations are found.

Live Event Streaming

Event stream is an outsourced option to allow channels to broadcast live from music, sport or community events direct to their TV channel for their viewers to watch and interact with.

Licensing Television Content

We have a database of content owners and channel owners that want to license their content for revenue generation and can contract with them to provide the best experience for viewers. This includes major players such as All3Media down to channels that are on Youtube.