Addressable Video Ads are the future of FAST Channel Delivery

Addressable Video Ads are the future of FAST Channel Delivery resolving three of the major issues with FAST Channels.

The ad-fill percentage for FAST Channel ad-pods to deliver a consistent 100% fill because of channel targeting rather than audience targeting,

A Reduction in programmatic middlemen taking revenue shares across programmatic platforms providing a higher NET CPM to broadcasters.

Cashflow on FAST Channel advertising payouts is reduced from more than 90 days to 14-28 days because of the campaigns being paid in advance of service rather than in arrears across multiple suppliers.

Addressable Video Ads Background

The advertising landscape on FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) Channels is evolving, with programmatic and addressable advertising being two key methods used by advertisers. Understanding the differences between these two approaches is crucial for broadcasters and advertisers alike, especially when it comes to addressing major FAST Channel issues such as ad fill continuity and reduction in revenue shares across multiple programmatic platforms.

Programmatic Advertising on FAST Channels

Programmatic advertising involves the automated buying and selling of ad inventory in real time through an auction-based system. This method uses algorithms and data to target specific audiences and deliver ads at scale. Programmatic advertising on FAST Channels is typically arranged with channel operators using the same ad-buying tools they’d use online It allows advertisers to reach a broad audience efficiently, but it can sometimes lead to less targeted ad placements and lower ad fill rates.

Addressable Advertising on FAST Channels

Addressable advertising, on the other hand, allows advertisers to deliver personalized and relevant ads to specific audience segments based on their interests, demographics, or viewing behavior. This method provides a higher level of targeting precision and can lead to more effective ad campaigns. Addressable advertising on FAST Channels can be bought via programmatic auctions, but it goes a step further by aligning relevant brands with themed channels and content that fit the target audience’s interests.

Addressing FAST Channel Issues

One of the major issues with FAST Channels is ad-fill continuity. Programmatic advertising can sometimes result in ad breaks being filled with irrelevant or repetitive ads, leading to a poor viewing experience. Addressable advertising addresses this issue by ensuring that ads are more relevant and engaging for viewers, thereby improving the overall viewing experience.

Another issue is the reduction in revenue shares across multiple programmatic platforms. With programmatic advertising, broadcasters often have to share a significant portion of their ad revenue with multiple intermediaries. Addressable advertising can help mitigate this issue by providing more direct relationships between advertisers and broadcasters, leading to better revenue shares for content owners.

FAST Channel Distribution is predictable with Addressable Advertising

FAST Channels can be distributed across multiple platforms within a country using the same ad inventory, as the ads are targeted to the channel demographic and genre. This minimizes the ad waste and maximizes the revenue for the content owners. By using a central distributor, FAST Channels can avoid the delays and dependencies of FAST Channel platforms and deliver FAST channels with 100% ad fill from day one.

Addressable advertising for FAST Channels Round-up

In summary, while programmatic advertising offers efficiency and scale, addressable advertising provides precision and relevance. By leveraging addressable advertising on FAST Channels, broadcasters can improve ad fill continuity, enhance viewer experience, and potentially increase revenue shares. As the FAST Channel ecosystem continues to grow, understanding and utilizing these advertising methods effectively will be key to success in this rapidly evolving market.

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Addressable Advertising for FAST Channels

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