In the run up to Sportel and MIPCOM 2021, View TV Group have signed a channel carriage deal on their Kapang CTV platform for broadcast in North America and the United Kingdom with leading action sports channel FUEL TV.

With the unique action sports content of skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and free skiing, BMX, MTB, wake boarding and wake surfing, and the music, art and culture that surround these global lifestyles, FUEL TV brings action sports programmes ready for connected TV broadcast. Kapang viewers are in for a treat when they watch FUEL TV. Sports fans are selective about what and how they enjoy their sport on TV and they won’t be disappointed as FUEL TV’s output will inspire, entertain and enlighten viewers.

The combination of HD and connected TV quality and traditional broadcast approach of Kapang with the energy of action sports content and associated culture makes watching FUEL TV on the Kapang platform a winning formula. We look forward to seeing the impact the programme makes with viewers on both sides of the Atlantic.” Commented Jamie Branson, CEO, View TV Group.

UK and US based viewers of the Kapang CTV platform will be able to enjoy FUEL TV’s action sports channel across a broad range of platforms and devices. The Kapang app is available on Apple iPhone and iPad, Apple TV, Android TV, Google Play, Fire TV stick and NVDIA Shield as well as on the Kapang Set Top Box and website.” To add to its reach, Kapang is about to become available on Roku, LG Web OS, Samsung Smart and Amazon Alexa.

“Kapang’s ability to deliver our content as an extensive service directly to viewers smart devices is an extremely valuable platform for our success as a channel” said Fernando Figueiredo, CEO of FUEL TV.

The channel will be live on Kapang in October 2021

View TV Group

View TV Group comprises four companies including Kapang Ltd. The Kapang CTV platform provides the equivalent of a cable television output but with distribution over the internet. It reduces complexity, enables faster time to market, lower staffing costs and delivers audience revenue technology that provides addressable advertising for higher revenues. This is delivered to viewers in HD or 4K for an experience comparable to that of traditional TV.


Founded in 2003, FUEL TV is the global home of action sports on television. Available in more than 100 countries around the world, FUEL TV is the only channel focused exclusively on the sports, culture and lifestyles of Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Free Skiing, BMX and MTB, and the art, music and fashion that define them. FUEL TV is available as a Free Advertising-supported Streaming Television (FAsST) channel in key territories, and as a global premium Subscription Video-on-Demand (SVOD) service called FUEL TV+. Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, FUEL TV has offices in Los Angeles, Miami, São Paulo, Beijing and Melbourne. For more visit

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