What is Dedistream?

Dedistream is a dedicated streaming service, providing the benefits of managed hosting with the quality of dedicated services for wowza and shoutcast delivery services with high bandwidth requirements.

With fully managed high specification transcode and delivery servers, clients recieve dedicated low latency wowza services to enable reliable high-quality live tv, on-demand, video conferencing and audio streaming all at multiple bit rates and formats.

Custom Content Delivery

Delivering your content through a branded micro site, our own interactive multi-platform, Kapang, or pay wall via a scalable content delivery network, depending on your preference, budget and time scales.

Secure and Efficient System

Our secure and efficient delivery network ensures your viewers get a smooth stream however and wherever they are watching. Our team of media professionals will deploy, manage and monitor your productions CDN workflow from start to finish, as well as advise improvements for both system and revenue.

To anyone , anywhere

Our live stream platform has cross platform compatibility for tablets, smart phones, tvs and computers running Apple, Android and Windows. We can deliver your streaming video content to any device and to anywhere around the globe, always at the highest quality and optimum format.

Targeted and Scalable

Live streaming isn't always about the viewing numbers, but can be about targeted pay per view events for business and specialist interests. By controlling access on your chosen video platform or mico site built by us, your premium event stream can offer profitable scalability ad content delivery network. We can supply the industry knowledge, creative skills and equipment that add value before, during and after the event.

Live Events Streaming

Live events and conferences can be streamed to any private or public platform to achieve wider audiences. See Event Stream for more details https://viewtvgroup.net/eventstream/