What is our Sky EPG Service?

We source and secure your EPG slot, handle the price negotiation, project manage the entire process and provide suitable documentation and advice.

We can also help clients sell their EPG slots, providing experienced and actual  valuations based on the market at the time.

Our service has an unmatched track record in representing high-profile broadcasters, who wish to remain anonymous, through the early stages of an EPG sale or purchase. We can also advise on the management of channel numbers on the UK's other broadcast platforms.

We also manage the process of transferring the existing EPG slot to a new broadcaster, taking the hassle away from clients on either side of the sale and also ensure a seamless transition for broadcast and audience.

Whether it be a new channel launch or as part of your expansions, we can assist with the initial 'getting you on air' aspects of your new venture. Communications with suppliers and regulatory bodies are all covered by us, leaving the client with peace of mind and a seamless process.

Most importantly, we ensure that you are fully prepared to go on Sky or another competitor platform and on the correct EPG slot for your audience, in order to create the optimum effect.

If you are looking to buy or sell an EPG contract, come and talk to us. Get in touch via our Contact page.