What is in-store radio?

In-store Radio is a retail audio broadcast service, specialised in proving any brand with a method of engaging with the customer base within retail and hospitality premises, using ip distribution. We also provide clients with an interactive digital channel enabling a closer connection with your customers, as well as the actual in-store broadcast.

We work with you to understand your brand and your target customer, ensuring the right voices and music is played in your shop or store, hotel or restaurant etc to enhance your customer experience.

Background Music

Depending on the brand and retail premises, you may simply require the addition of background music. Although this may not seem important or hold much effect, to your customers it is just as important as what they see, feel and taste. The wrong type music or even silence can have a detrimental effect on their experiences and subsequent spend. Whether you want a consistent brand sound or distinctive type of music to be played, we can help.

Music Profiling

Through the initial stages of the consultation we get to know your brand and company very well. We will dissect your brand’s feel, who your core consumers are, what sort of experience you are looking to provide and through that we will produce the perfect array of music to complement your company and customers. This requires a deep understanding of retail and hospitality service experiences, something our team has considerable knowledge of.

Retail Radio

Having your own retail radio station can be extremely effective. This will not only give you control over the music being played, but also have a voice on air speaking directly to your customers with the correct tone and feel to fit your brand. We help build your own in-store advertising network, and the response is quicker than almost any other media advertising. It creates measurable impact, builds loyalty and it gets results.

Technical Integration

Whether it be in regards to the install of new AV technology, security or network concerns, our team is always on hand to aid with a seamless transition in the early stages, whilst also the continued support after launch.

As a company, View TV prides itself on its industry leading technology and pro-active nature to always be looking for the next tech solution. We work with your team to mitigate IT issues before they happen and co-develop processes that create simplicity for all integration be it in store tv, retail radio or AV installations.


We understand that every company, brand and type of customer is different, hence why we take the time in the initial stages to fully understand your concept, what you need and how best to engage your customers. Our experienced and professional team will provide consultancy on all aspects of the creative and development process, ensuring your brand is represented correctly and effectively.


Primarily, the View TV Group, is a revenue led business, with all decisions and developments made in order to aid businesses monetise and increase profit.

Our monetisation strategies have proven successful in all areas of the media industry, both in TV and Radio, as well as OTT and Digital Media. This is specifically due to our simplistic and efficient approach, removing external suppliers from the process and providing a complete fully managed service for our clients.