Kapang onboarding has the ability to take in linear and VOD Channels in a number of ways using the details below:

Linear Streaming Feed & VOD for Kapang Channel Broadcasters

All channels can be sent to the Kapang network via SRT or HLS, there are no requirements for ZIXI or other point-to-point streaming services.

Broadcaster Linear FAST Channels – Kapang SRT Feed

The specification for SRT is:

Frame Size – 1920 x 1080 (4K UHD Available)

Bit Rate – 8Mbps although 15Mbps prefered

Frames – 23.98/25/29.98/30/50/60

FAST Channel HLS – Kapang HLS Feed

The Specification for HLS is flexible and we are happy to test any existing feed:

Ladder 1 – 1920 x 1080 8MBPS 23.98/25/29.98/30/50/60

Ladder 2 – 1280 x 720 4MBPS 23.98/25/29.98/30/50/60

Ladder 3 -1024 x 576 2MBPS 23.98/25/29.98/30/50/60

Ladder 4 – 1024 x 576 1MBPS 23.98/25/29.98/30/50/60

FAST VOD or Owned and Operated Linear Channel Partnerships

All VOD should be encoded or upscaled to 1920 x 1080 with an 8Mbps bitrate although 10-15Mbps is preferred. Content can be sent via a private FTP account or via a valid MRSS feed.


All EPGs should be provided with an XML TV format with or without image links as preferable. Examples are available on request.

EPG Channel Graphic

We require an EPG GRaphic across the platform at 288 x 192 Pixels in size JPG in high resolution. All graphics should be clear with no small fonts.

Examples of EPG Logos:

Kapang onboarding Technical Specifications, View TV
The Outdoor Channel
Kapang onboarding Technical Specifications, View TV