What is kapang?

Kapang is a multi-platform solution that allows audiences to freely and easily navigate channels, categories and content series, providing an interactive and virtual set-top box on all over the top, mobiles and Smart TV devices.

Our linear and vod service provides a platform for both TV and video media, as well as radio and audio content, currently available in eight countries.

A video platform that reaches every screen with ease

Stop worrying about the complexity of delivering across dozens of combinations of devices, formats, and platforms. With Kapang you’re covered. You’ll reach every screen and you’ll do it with fastest HTML5 video player available.

Deliver video experiences that move audiences

Get your audiences hooked on beautiful video experiences that inspire, engage, educate and entertain. With Kapang you can deliver fast, innovative, TV-like experiences out-of-the-box, dynamically insert server-side ads to maximize revenue, and reach your audiences wherever they are.

Act on data-driven insights

Guide your sales, marketing, and communication decisions based on actual viewing data, not gut feel. Kapang analytics provide deep insight into viewer behaviour and content effectiveness. At the same time, our third-party analytics plugins let you integrate video viewing data into global site or app analytics.

Take the worry out of video platform security and support

Concerned about security? Don’t be. The most security-conscious organisations in the world trust us to protect their internal and external video content. Support? We have you covered 24x7x365 around the world with our award-winning support.

Leverage existing technology with a single video platform

We get it. You’ve got a lot of technology and process already in place. So we work with whatever you have. We’ve developed proven, tested integrations for every component of your tech stack, comprehensive and flexible APIs to support every workflow, and an extensive ecosystem of partners for limitless functionality options and services.

Want to know more?

To explore the Kapang platform and get more information on how your content could thrive and monetise with us, visit http://kapang.com/