What is Local TV Group?

Local TV Group provides a managed service solution for regional tv content producers, including support, technology and 100% monetisation from conception and setup to launch and channel maintenance.

We produce, distribute and monetise local content capturing the stories, events and issues that matter most to our audiences.

Our local and regional tv channels broadcast timeless classic films and national content, alongside local news, sport and entertainment.

Regional Partners

Our various industry and regional partners not only help produce the localised content and provide vital knowledge from the areas, but we also franchise out some of the channels so that they can invest in running their own region's local tv service within the view tv group brand.

For more information on getting involved with local tv in your area, please speak to a member of our team via the Contact page.

Local TV Channels

Bedfordshire TV - Local TV for Bedfordshire
Berkshire TV - Local TV for Berkshire
Bristol TV - Local TV for Bristol
Buckinghamshire TV - Local TV for Buckinghamshire
Cambridgeshire TV - Local TV for Cambridgeshire 
Cheshire TV - Local TV for Cheshire
Cornwall TV - Local TV for Cornwall
County Durham TV - Local TV for County Durham
Cumbria TV - Local TV for Cumbria
Derbyshire TV - Local TV for Derbyshire
Devon TV - Local TV for Devon
Dorset TV - Local TV for Dorset
East Sussex TV - Local TV for East Sussex
Essex TV - Local TV for Essex
Gloucestershire TV - Local TV for Gloucestershire
Hampshire TV - Local TV for Hampshire
Herefordshire and Worcestershire TV - Local TV for Herefordshire and Worcestershire
Hertfordshire TV - Local TV for Hertfordshire
Isle of Wight TV - Local TV for Isle of Wight
Kent TV - Local TV for Kent
Lancashire TV - Local TV for Lancashire
Leicestershire TV - Local TV for Leicestershire
Lincolnshire TV - Local TV for Lincolnshire
London TV - Local TV for London
Manchester TV - Local TV for Manchester
Merseyside TV - Local TV for Merseyside
Norfolk TV - Local TV for Norfolk
Northamptonshire TV - Local TV for Northamptonshire
Northumberland TV - Local TV for Northumberland
Nottinghamshire TV - Local TV for Nottinghamshire
Oxfordshire TV - Local TV for Oxfordshire
Shropshire TV - Local TV for Shropshire 
Somerset TV - Local TV for Somerset
Staffordshire TV - Local TV for Staffordshire
Suffolk TV - Local TV for Suffolk
Surrey TV - Local TV for Surrey
Tyne and Wear TV - Local TV for Tyne and Wear
Warwickshire TV - Local TV for Warwickshire
West Midlands TV - Local TV for West Midlands
West Sussex TV - Local TV for West Sussex
Wiltshire TV - Local TV for Wiltshire
Yorkshire TV - Local TV for Yorkshire
North Scotland TV - Local TV for North Scotland
Mid Scotland TV - Local TV for Mid Scotland
South Scotland TV - Local TV for South Scotland
North Wales TV - Local TV for North Wales
Mid Wales TV - Local TV for Mid Wales
South Wales TV - Local TV for South Wales