What is MUXIP Cloud Playout?

Muxip is SDI over IP playout service solution, which provides users with all the playout features needed to maintain an efficient and reliable channel on-air, including cloud playout, ingest, automation, master control and interactive graphics, with consistent precision for even the most demanding of environments.


The world of broadcast television is currently undergoing a lot of reconstruction. Not only are consumers wanting to watch content in higher resolutions with greater quality, on any device they choose, broadcasters are now expected to provide features like catch-up TV and OTT as industry standard. Broadcasters are therefore considering various options for how to increase and optimize workflows.

Transitioning to all-IP has emerged as an effective solution, as currently seen in Virgin Media and Sky’s future plans, as it enables broadcasters to better scale and adapt to the shifting environment of the media industry.

In addition to this, broadcasters receive increased flexibility for configuration and management of their content and channels, as well as breaking from large monopolised suppliers within the satellite linear distribution sector.

MUXIP Live Streaming Detection

When clients first join the muxip service, our primary objective is to provide a seamless and efficient transition from their existing playout to our SDI over IP system. Our experienced and professional technical and management team is on hand 24/7 so assist with any client queries and technical issues.

MUXIP Video AD Fill

Muxip is a complete managed service, with all technology and project management supplied within the company rather than contracting to external suppliers. Not only does this provide our clients with full reliability and security, but also eliminates additional communication issues with various companies. Our services include;

  • Cloud/ IP Playout
  • Dedicated named project manager
  • On-Site Technical Team
  • Ingesting
  • Master Control
  • Interactive Graphics
  • UK based customer service