• No set-up costs
  • No Monthly Overhead charges
  • Opex only playout and broadcast
  • No CDN or server hosting fees
  • No Ad Server integration
  • Playout with dynamically schedule graphics
  • No Revenue share on Kapang
  • 100% guaranteed paid ads filled on all ad breaks broadcast on Kapang
  • Fixed fees for rebroadcasting on global OTT Platforms

Kapang has been created a connected television platform to provide a fair broadcast platform that enables any television broadcaster to launch, broadcast, and invest in content growth by licensing, acquisition, production, or commissioning.

Kapang provides the tools required as a proven technology solution so that each channel can concentrate on content planning, broadcast curation, and brand.

Kapang provides a 100% ad fill guarantee on channel broadcast on its platform and makes the best efforts to fill all channels simulcasting onto OTT platforms such as Pluto, Xumo & Samsung Plus.

Jamie Branson – Founder – Kapang

Connected TV Solution

The context for change is driven by the way viewers now want to enjoy TV; wherever and whenever they want and the availability of the internet. These represent a huge challenge to the heavy traditional TV culture and environment as Connected TV (or CTV, any viewing device connected to the internet) is the future.

View TV Group, a group of companies fronted by Dr Jamie Branson, ex Technical Broadcast Project Director across major brands such as BBC, Sky, Virgin Media, and Foxtel, has developed Kapang, a CTV solution that the industry needs in order to change and to provide consumers with what they want. The learning from the success of subscription video on demand (SVOD) such as Netflix and Amazon Prime and advertising video on demand (AVOD) such as ITV, has been applied to our broadcast television solution, which is facilitated by the five group companies.

View TV Group is leading the way in introducing a culture for change, new technology and distribution fit for TV today and tomorrow. Audience want a traditional TV ‘look and feel’ and content and channel owners want to provide that but with realistic profit margins. View TV Group has an end-to-end technical and distribution capability to achieve both, in Kapang, our own technology-driven platform.

Click here to review the Broadcaster FAQ which should answer a number of questions you may have.

What Kapang Does

Kapang is our CTV platform that is the equivalent to a cable television provider such as Virgin Media in the UK or Comcast Xfinity in the US but with distribution over the internet. Kapang reduces complexity, enables faster time to market, lower staffing costs and delivers audience revenue technology that provides addressable advertising for higher revenues. This is delivered to viewers in full HD for an experience superior to that of traditional TV.

Broadcasting national, local and our own TV and radio content, viewers using Kapang apps or websites will enjoy a variety of scheduled and video on demand programmes on any device connected to the internet, across multiple channels in the UK, US and Australia. Kapang can also be white-labelled and licenced for broadcast, with advertising, globally outside the three core countries with a typical partner being an existing ISP or mobile provider.

Audience attracts advertisers and our addressable advertising targets specific channels and content, time of day the ad is to be broadcast and location, all of which attracts higher ad revenues.

As Kapang broadcasts over the internet, we can automatically detect and collect how many programme hours and the number of ads that were viewed in real time, which is available to content owners to manage revenue.

How does the Kapang CTV Platform compare to OTT Platforms?

OTT Platforms such as Pluto TV, Xumo, Stirr and Samsung TV Plus are already established and have high audiences however, we have had feedback from content and channel owners relating to the platforms’ business models, within which they feel trapped. The OTT platforms have simply said, “we will deliver the audience to your content driven channel and we will agree on a 50/50 revenue or ad inventory split.” This model works and de-risks smaller niche channels to monetize their existing content catalogue, but if the cost of growth through content production is taken into account, this is unfair as ‘content is king’ and the most expensive element in TV broadcasting. Leaving 50% of ad revenue before other platform costs does not support content production and profitability growth.

OTT platforms’ business model drove a lot of channels to sign up without a financial commitment, but at an equilibrium point, this causes channels with a larger audience to be paying a premium for platforms fixed charges. That is why many major traditional commercial broadcasters are not willing to share 50% of their potential revenues in exchange for adding an audience as they would have to share intellectual property and increase platforms’ value, but without a shareholding.

The team at Kapang has identified that major traditional commercial broadcasters and channels on OTT platforms want a model that splits the risk more fairly where they take a higher percentage of revenues for their hard work and not giving it to platforms.

To this end, Kapang has developed a revenue model that responds to the feedback from channels on OTT platforms and major traditional commercial broadcasters by overcoming the problems identified above.

Content Owner Benefits

Content producers and channel owners carry the greatest cost in the broadcast value chain but are at the mercy of the often, traditional cost of broadcast and distribution. View TV Group have substantially lowered broadcast cost and doubled revenue earnings (Appendix 1.1 and 1.2) with little or no additional effort when broadcasting on the Kapang CTV platform.

Kapang also enables channels to add their content onto unlimited number of additional OTT platforms, cable & satellite platforms and other CTV platforms with the same business model. 

Competitors to Kapang e.g. Virgin Media and OTT platforms; Pluto, Xumo have many advantages but none of them have all the advantages that Kapang has in one end-to-end solution. Crucially, Kapang delivers everything the viewer wants and at the same time generates double the revenues for content producers and owners in comparison to OTT platforms, which increases profitability.

View TV Group was formally the supplier to major global platforms, trading more than ½ billion adverts per month and other smaller clients until recently. Those years of learning providing that support is now being used to outperform them with our approach, at scale and the existing agreements have been novated to concentrate our efforts on growth using the Kapang CTV business model.

Click here to review the Broadcaster FAQ which should answer a number of questions you may have.

OTT Platform Revenue Comparison – 250k Hrs

OTT Platform Revenue Comparison – 1m Hrs

Questions and Answers from existing channels:

Question 1:       What are the audience statistic for Kapang within the various countries?

Kapang is always growing its audience, although we cannot promise or forecast a specific channel’s platform share since the growth is determined by the channel’s content.

Question 2:       How does my channel make any revenues?        

We can replace existing ad break spaces and reinsert different adverts for every reviewer providing between $0.20 and $1.00 per hour based on your audience, you can also add product placement, subscription, pay-per-view, channel or programme sponsorship and sell space on your channel for 3rd party programming.

Question 3:       What format does Kapang Broadcast in and what format do I need to provide content in.

Kapang likes broadcasters to broadcast in 1080 HD, although we can upscale content in line with the downstream advertisers as appropriate.  All content should be provided as 1080P HD as MP4 >15mbps

Question 4:       Does your Playout Origin solution have scheduled dynamic graphics, squeezebox, and lower thirds?

Yes, the Kapang Cloudie TV solution has an integrated graphic layer that provides all the above and we provide full training and support in making your channel look as polished as possible, all via a web browser interface.

Question 5:       If I already have a playout linear feed, how do I deliver and broadcast on Kapang?

We can pick up the feed from existing satellite or cable networks, a ZIXI feed from your playout centre or simply a ready to broadcast HLS feed from your supplier, eg. Amagi or Wurl.  We charge you $0.06 per hour for every hour you broadcast to Kapang users or via a subscription model, although we do not get involved in the monetisation of your service.

Question 6:       How will Kapang support me in running a television channel?

The Kapang Master Control Room will monitor your channel 24/7 and advising you of any issues they arise, or they can be advised of a corrective action plan if you are unavailable, eg. a secondary loop or playlist.  If you are merely broadcasting from an existing playout provider, we will inform you and your suppliers.

Question 7:       Do I need a lot of hardware and technology to run my channel?

All of the Kapang integrated Kapang systems are accessible via an internet connected web browser, so only content editing and conformance tools (adobe Premiere) are required to make you process easy.

Question 8:       How do I get an EPG to you?

We simply request an updated EPG on an hourly basis from your existing provider or this is automatically querying every 10 minutes if you are using the integrated Kapang Cloudie Playout service.

Question 9:       Can I choose the channel number I am listed on within Kapang Countries?

We assign an available channel number depending on the quality of your content, our mix of channels, your origin service provision and your monetisation solution.  All channels are within 14 different categories with at least 50 channels in each category, the top 10 channels being available via a higher commitment of broadcast hours eg. Top channel in a category requires >1m committed broadcast hours.

Question 10:     How do I integrate my existing channel and content with the Kapang platform?             

If you are broadcasting with another playout provider or via a cable network easily and we can relay this service,  although we cannot maximise the monetisation and in order to get the full revenues we suggest that you pop up a sister Connected TV version of your channel using our integrated playout service, we can also relay this service back to other platforms to save costs.

Question 11:     How is the Kapang Playout System different from other cloud playout or traditional broadcast vendors?

The Kapang system is uniquely fully integrated and tested from content to broadcast enabling a seamless flow of HD broadcast paired with a proven revenue model without the need of managing 4-5 separate providers where end-to-end responsibility is difficult to establish.

Kapang has a motivation to make sure your channel is broadcasting at the highest quality, full compliance and of course yielding for revenue-based channel growth.

All the Kapang workflow is very simple and requires no advanced knowledge of broadcasting methodology or technologies.

The Kapang system has been developed for content owners to broadcast with ease missing out the integration issues and complexity traditionally associated with cable and satellite broadcasting solutions.  

Question 12:     I must deliver my channel to existing cable and satellite headend services, is this possible?

Yes, we can deliver from Kapang to any other broadcaster via SRT or ZIXI.

Question 13:     How secure is the Kapang Cloud, will my content and schedule be safe?

The Kapang offering is built on some of the most secure cloud instances available.  Content, playout, and all assets such as graphics are stored with advanced 128-bit encryption. Additionally, Kapang’s user interface is protected by user-defined access to avoid any unauthorized access.

Question 14:     I would prefer not to use a public cloud can I use on-premises or a private cloud.

Yes, Kapang platform can be configured for private or hybrid cloud deployments but with additional fees available on request.

Question 15:     What is the SLA related to the Kapang service?

Kapang is motivated to keep your service available 100% of the time and the master control room team checks channels up to 7 days in advance of broadcast.  All Kapang’s network has primary, secondary and tertiary solutions which will avoid black screens and test cards, with full reaction and notification of all issues on the system.

Question 16:     Can I broadcast my channel into multiple countries with Multiple time zones?

Yes, Kapang can provide additional split playout solutions enabling your to schedule and broadcast an identical time-shifted solutions or different playouts from the same media management portfolio with full Geo-locking to support and compliment your content licenses.

For greater success, we highly suggest a separate playout schedule per country to provide a more localized version of your channel.

Question 17:     I want to protect my channel by geo-locking my live linear and on-demand content?

Yes, we can geo-lock your channel and content to one or many countries due to licensing but most importantly due to restricting spend in areas which cannot be monetised.

Question 18:     Can we sell our own adverts on the channel or even across the entire network?

Answer 18:        Yes we can schedule your direct demand sold by your ad sales company within your ad schedule although we would expect that a minimum sale of 1m advert plays would be sold per campaign to avoid high administrative fees.

Question 19:     Can integrate and deliver live events into my channel?

Yes, we provide a pickup point where you can send your live event via Zixi, VMIX via SRT, OBS via RTMP and any satellite truck provider.

Question 20:     Can you deliver the same high-quality service to global OTT platforms such as Pluto TV and Samsung Plus?

Yes, we can carry your connected tv service to OTT platforms such as Pluto, Samsung Plus, Stirr and Xumo to name a few, this is charged on a reduced hourly fee depending on the amount of the technology service Kapang is delivering, eg. If there is no ad replacement or CDN required.

Question 21:     Do I have to feature on Kapang before I can be delivered onto other platforms (Cable, Satellite and OTT)?

Yes, all of the costs for your underlying services are justified within the Kapang model, but we are happy to relay and simulcast the service globally to other service providers with an industry standard set of tools.

Question 22:     Will I have to provide evidence of the content licensing for our content?

Answer 22:        Yes, you will have to provide evidence for your content licensing on a per geo basis, if we discover that your content is illegal or unlicensed for the broadcast you channel will incur all charges from Kapang and any third parties.

Question 23:     Who will we contract with regarding the Advertising and when will I get paid our earnings?

Answer 23:        You will be contracted with “Addressabley” (Revenue Stream UK Limited) our unique advertising partner who is committed to providing your advertising inventory, although you can additionally add your own sales team or other ad partners to the waterfall as you feel appropriate.

Question 24:     Can I sell my own advertising and sponsorship on my channel

Yes, You can sell your own advertising and sponsorships via Addressabley who will construct the waterfall and pricing of the channel advertising inventory where all deals will be treated preferentially based on price or the terms of the advertising campaign contracted.

Question 25:     We have a content partner who wants to provide us content via a revenue share deal, how would this work?

We only see content from you as the broadcaster, you would provide them revenue on percentage of airtime broadcast and therefore Kapang would not be involved in these deals.

Question 26:     Can I get a discount per hour when my viewing hours exceed certain thresholds?

Kapang is de-risking and funding the hardware and kick off effort for each channel at launch in a single fair operational fee, where at channel inception the charges justify training, technology and awareness.   The balance where our revenue is spent changes to support the growth and continuity as your channel becomes more successful.

Question 27:     How many channels can I launch on Kapang?

When we provide you with a Playout scheduling or integrate a third party, you can have unlimited channels, but we ask you to provide additional information.

We require that you run a version of your channel per country due to the different global legal requirements as not one channel fits all, this will also provide a higher revenue yield across as the advertisers are more interested in targeting accurately.

Question 28:   Are the ads local to the geo?

Yes, our own ad monetisation company Addressably (Revenue Stream UK Ltd), will manage ad fill so that all adverts shown are relevant to the local geo, the content and audience.

Question 29:   Can we buy inventory on other Kapang channels to place our own ads?

Yes, we can provide a rate card for campaigns that covers run of channel or specific times on specific channels. This can complement any other marketing you are planning on e.g. social media.

Question 30:   How will I know how much my channel made so that I can provide my content partners with their revenue share?

Addressably (Revenue Stream UK Ltd)​ will provide the percentage of total viewing hours that occurred over a specific time period e.g. on Monday between 7p.m. and 8p.m. 22% of the total revenue for that day was accrued. you can then match that to the EPG to allocate that percentage to the related content owner. This data will be provided by an independent 3rd party that monitors and measures the broadcast output.

You can also contact us via the form at: Contact Kapang