What is Programmatic Telly?

Programmatic telly is a programmatic advertising platform service for tv and video, specialised in monetising linear and on-demand television and video services via computer-based bidding and transactions across agencies.

Future of Advertising

Programmatic advertising accelerates and improves media buying by automatically targeting audiences, locations, devices and more based on real-time insights. This both allows content producers and advertisers to target the audience demographics they want, as well as enriching the experience for the viewer with tailored advertisements to them and their interests.

Maximised performance with a single platform

Unified bid automation allows you to act on real-time reports and audience data, enabling you to make business critical decisions faster.
All advertisers are collected into one place and within seconds bid for the audience profile of a viewer from the data our system collects. 

Fully Managed Solution

Programmatic telly is a fully managed solution, which targets, tests and measures ad responses in real time and adjusts creative assets in nanoseconds with dynamic ad creation and delivery capabilities. We deal with all external suppliers so that our clients must only contract with us, providing a seamless and secure process.

Deliver compelling advertising on every screen

Power ad experiences that are more engaging and seamless for users everywhere with out-of-the-box support for mobile, video, and OTT advertising. Meaning advertisers can access audiences wherever they go, receiving even more impressions, whilst fully immersing their brands into the viewers' everyday lives. Plus for content producers it means being able to fully monetise your content no matter how or where it is consumed.