Streaming Radio can be monetized in the same way as FAST Channels work on Streaming Teelvision services. View TV is able to transform any live or pre-recorded radio service into a visual radio service where the visual element is made up of a news ticker, sponsors, radio station information, now and next tracks and details of the current live DJ.

View TV can create a visual Streaming Radio service to provide video advertising revenues rather than standard audio advertising to provide a 200-300% yield in advertising revenue by simply sending the audio feed with silent audio commands within the origin stream.

streaming radio

These channels are added to Kapang globally within a few days and made available to all FAST platforms such as Pluto TV, Samsung Plus and Vizio for implementation with ease.

How much can Streaming Radio make?

The service will generate around $0.25/hour based on 10 minutes of ad breaks per hour, so 100,000 viewing hours would provide around $25,000.

What is the cost of the service?

The cost of the service is $475/month and includes the first 1,000 hours of broadcaster with additional hours charged at $0.05/hour across all platforms. The service is fully managed and includes all SSAI, 1080HD 8mbps CDN, transcoding, ad decisioning and ad fill management and you retain 100% of the earnings.

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