What is Rathergood Media?

The Rathergood media solution produces and manages real content for linear television and online distribution via OTT platforms for various brands and channel owners.

From the conception of an idea through to broadcast, the Rathergood Media solution does it all ... and we're rathergood at it.


Rathergood Media will work with you from the beginning to create and develop the initial idea and format for your programme or series. Then we will progress with you through each stage from planning, logistics and documentation, providing everything you need for a successful shoot.


Once pre-production is complete and everything has been planned we will shoot and produce your content to the highest quality, on our industry broadcast standard kit operated by our professional team. We provide various production packages to suit all budgets and brand guidelines.


Our dedicated editors will then take your content and create the final product to your specifications exactly, always with your brand and audience as the central focus.

Quality Checking and Transmission

The final stage of our process, we will quality check your product and prepare it for broadcast, ensuring all industry standards have been met and signed off.

We also take care of all your transmission and playout needs, so you can rest easy knowing Rathergood have you covered.

Only Motors TV

Only Motors TV is our premium flagship motoring television channel, which was originally created to test and prove our service solution.


Visit tv.onlymotors.com to find out more.