What is Rathergood Television?

Rathergood Television is a collection of tv, music tv and radio channels. We deliver full quality audio and video across all genres and tastes, including: #onlymotors, Rathergood Radio, dance classics, movies, noughties, 80s, 90s, rock, love, xmas 365 and more!


#onlymotors is our premium motoring tv channel and news site, focused on all things motoring. Be it Cars, Bikes, Boats, Buses or Tanks ... if it's got a motor then we're interested.

Our popular series include; petrolheads, coast2coast and can't drive won't, plus other content including car reviews, only motors interactive, press events, outtakes and virals.

Visit tv.onlymotors.com to find out more.

Rathergood Radio

Rathergood Radio is our commercial radio station, on FM, DAB and National on IP. Playing a mix of current top 40 chart hits with 90s and 00s classics... why listen to anything else? Broadcasting 24hours a day 7 days a week, we provide the perfect backing to track to your day.

Our Djs include; Lizzie Crow - Breakfast 7am-10am, Craig Andrews - Workplace 10am-2pm, Tim Denning (Tall Tim) - Drive time 2pm-6pm and Cleo Twinam - Evenings 6pm- 9pm.

You can not only listen to our station but also watch our DJs live in the studio via our linear radio tv channel.

Tune in to Rathergood Radio at https://www.rathergoodradio.com/.

Rathergood Music TV Channels

Our Rathergood music TV channels span all genres and tastes, including dance classics, movies, noughties, 80s, 90s, rock, love, xmas 365 and more! Meaning you can go straight to your favourite music genre or decade and just listen to what you like, complete with your favourite Rathergood DJs providing your personal mix.

Discover your favourite at http://kapang.com/tv/music/