SSAI Cloud the art of yield managing your media broadcasting in linear and on-demand forms

SSAI aids the shift to non-linear content viewing, traditional TV networks and new-age content owners are both exploring OTT video streaming. Unlike traditional TV, OTT video allows extensive personalization and thus opens opportunities for targeted advertising. However, the current method of client-side ad insertion on OTT multiscreen limits the monetization potential of OTT.

Challenges of client-side ad insertion 

  • Vulnerable to client-side ad blocker apps
  • Causes significant buffering
  • Multiple SDK integrations required
  • Unsuitable for dynamic ad insertion in live sports


How does our SSAI Cloud provide a Server-side ad insertion system that resolves real monetisation challenges

View TV's Server-side ad insertion platform sits between the broadcast source and users’ CDN. By using the platform it’s possible to directly insert ads in the incoming stream so that the user gets a unified stream with content and ads. The most significant benefit of using this method is able to bypass the client-side ad blockers completely. It also allows the content owners to improve the user experience by eliminating buffering instances. View TV's ssai solution solution is also ideal from an implementation perspective as its easier to deploy with minimum integration required.

How it works

Anti ad-blocker technology: Unified stream of content and ads

In a traditional client-side method, the content is received from the broadcast source, and ads are received separately from the ad server. Both content and ads are integrated directly into the client device. In contrast, the server-side ad insertion sends the unified stream of content and ads to the device. As ads are part of the content stream itself, they cannot be detected by the client-side ad blocker apps that function by detecting separate ad stream and blocking it.

Sports-ready: Taking abrupt ad-breaks on live linear OTT

The client-side method is ill-suited for handling abrupt ad-breaks in a live sports or news scenario. With client-side insertion its common for ads to cut into live content due to accumulated network delays while fulfilling ad-breaks. A server-side ad insertion can overcome this difficulty with appropriate integration with the broadcaster, ensuring the integrity of broadcast.

Compatible with leading players: Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads on all kinds of players, through any ad-network and ad exchange

Amagi’s system is extremely versatile, and capable of multiple ad-placements, on all leading players.

Ad Placements

  • Pre-roll - Before switching into live linear.
  • Mid-roll - At any point during the stream playback.
  • Post-roll - At end of a stream, useful for VOD playback.

Example of players supported

  • JW Player
  • Theo Player
  • Exo Player
  • iOS Native Player
  • Android Native Player
  • Roku
  • Samsung / LG Smart TV Model
  • Apple TV

Integration with leading ad-networks and ad-exchanges

(Doubleclick, SPOTX, Adsiduous, Videology, Sizmek, Axiom media)

Benefits of server-side ad insertion

  • 500 million+ Ad impressions delivered every month
  • Integration with all leading Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
  • A highly secure system with AES128 bit encryption and token-based authentication
  • Smoother viewer experience with the elimination of buffering
  • Ability to bypass client-side ad blocker apps
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Complete control over ad insertion triggers