What is Prostream?

Prostream is a technology company delivering television, audio and video content to all devices at various qualities and optimal bitrates and frame rates to suit all viewing and listening devices.

IP Streaming and Broadcast

Traditionally, contribution and distribution have been achieved using satellite and fibre technologies; however, IP (Internet Protocol) has rapidly evolved to be a reliable method of both cheaply and efficiently contributing and distributing content throughout the market.

Live Streaming

Live streaming from a single source to multiple social media and web / event site destinations is a unique service that saves costs and resources. Streaming to Twitter, YouTube & Facebook in HD & 360 is supported.

Multi-location Video

Multi-location video quality live videos delivered reliably over the internet is crucial for mission critical broadcasts, live events, video sessions and collaborations. The lower cost end to end service is secure and supports multi-users groups.

Peace of Mind

The Prostream solution provides a full end-to-end service for all stages of IP streaming and broadcast. Our reliable and efficient system gives our clients peace of mind that the correct content will be delivered on time, in the specified quality and format and to the selected viewership.

Want to know more?

Contact a member of our team via our Contact page to find out how Prostream can develop and monetise your business and content.