What is Audio Streaming Radio?

Audio Streaming Radio is a market leading intelligent distribution network that enables clients to stream content easily and securely to anywhere in the world. Our system also allows content to be fully monetised, as well as audience data and statistics reported globally.

What do we do?

We provide audio content producers with an innovative streaming platform for all live and on-demand audio content, connecting content publishers with users worldwide and delivering billions of listening hours annually.

Simple and Efficient Approach

In order to create a simple and efficient process, we have removed the need for any external suppliers providing a complete and fully managed service. We develop and manage our own technology and management systems, saving clients the cost and headache of communications with multiple suppliers and bespoke tech development.

Streaming to any device, anywhere

From simple point-to-point audio streaming to complex audio streaming automation, audio streaming gives content producers the tools they need to manage online audiences at any scale, on any device and anywhere in the world.

Commercials and Monetisation

We enable clients to maximise commercial and marketing opportunities for their entire content portfolio through a single integration, with no hidden fees. Primarily, the View TV Group, is a revenue led business, with all decisions and developments made in order to aid businesses monetise and increase profit.

Our monetisation strategies have proven successful in all areas of the media industry, both in TV and Radio, as well as OTT and Digital Media. This is specifically due to our simplistic and efficient approach, removing external suppliers from the process and providing a complete fully managed service for our clients.