This business was created to provide several exclusive, owned channels to the Kapang Platform. View TV Group produced and also acquired TV, radio and news content and channels for this purpose.

View TV One

View TV One View TV One is our core linear 24/7 channel that sits in the EPG at channel number 100, (above BBC1 at channel 101) and has a schedule that is based on our own and national TV content including news, sport, entertainment, children’s and user generated content. We have also produced 8 other channels that break out the content genres into Kids, Sport, Entertainment, Movies, News and Interactive.

View TV Local – Hyperlocal TV for UK & USA

View TV Local – View TV One being the core channel (above) is split broadcast in the UK to 46 counties, 210 designated areas in the US, and 18 areas in Australia. The efficiencies of the end-to-end broadcast system is then enhanced for maximum profitability by allowing each split of View TV1 to have hyperlocal news, branding, and advertising relevant to each county / local area with the ability to exclusively change a hyperlocal area’s content up to 10 hours per week, e.g. Berkshire Gardening Show.

Counties or areas will be available for local businesspeople to run under license to provide local news and take a percentage of the higher-yielding ad revenue and will be supported by a digital newspaper and a split broadcast radio channel all using the same news team:

Only Motors TV – Motoring News and Entertainment

Only Motors – View TV Group’s first production to supply owned content on which to test the end-to-end solution. The format is similar to Top Gear where men become boys around powerful cars and have fun over three channels!

Rathergood TV – Music and Entertainment TV

Rathergood TV – View TV Group’s music TV channel showing music videos, which cover a wide range of music video genres over 16 Music Television and Radio Channels.

Vintage Music TV – 20 years of amazing music from 1978

Vintage Music TV: Premium brand Music TV & Radio channels broadcasting music videos that were released between 1978 and 1994 over 1 national and all 46 split channels.

Formula V – Virtual Reality Motor Racing TV

Formula V: Formula V is an exciting way for individuals and up to 12 teams to drive Formula 1 and other sports cars without the crazy costs in simulators that provide a realistic experience and race results.