View TV Ads is a Connected TV marketplace and FAST Monetization solution that enables advertisers, broadcasters and content owners to maximize their business.

View TV Ads provides a controlled environment for advertisers to confidently and addressably direct their campaigns across content genres, channels and platforms via a single team.

View TV Ads provides advertisers with a simple process and cost model to deliver targeted advertising campaigns, reducing wastage and increasing the performance of each campaign. Targeting costs of device type, geographical location to town or city levels, time of day, channel, platform and viewing data.

Addressable advertising can be via CTV Marketplace integration and direct deals, with the latter saving on intermediaries fees and first look at the available CTV inventory.

View TV Ads
View TV Ads

View TV Ads Pricing Structure:

To purchase and place brand advertisements and Sponsors across the network using one of the three options. Purchasing advertising and sponsorships direct from View TV overall CTV platforms and

CTV Marketplace and VAST Tag integration:

We can integrate existing CTV marketplaces onto the View TV channel

Purchase Addressable CTV Inventory direct

Purchasing addressable advertising to be shown on channels across Kapang or other platforms operated by View TV. These adverts are protected from playback fraud and are reported via a live dashboard.

1Basic Direct Deal Primary advert campaign across all CTV
channels and platforms with options below:
$18 CPM
aGEO to Country Delivering campaigns to a particular
country, e.g. the UK or the USA
Extra+$2 CPM
bGEO to AreaProviding a campaign to a State or County
e.g. California or Derbyshire
Extra+$10 CPM
cGEO to TownDelivering a campaign to a town or city
level with best efforts, accuracy
Extra+$10 CPM
dTarget DevicesTarget devices by the manufacturer
or type, e.g. Mobile or CTV
Extra+$7 CPM
eTarget Channels Target a single or multiple chosen
content or linear channels
Extra+$7 CPM
fTarget Platforms Target a single or multiple CTV or
OTT Platforms (Default = all)
Extra+$5 CPM
gLocalized AdsNational Campaign with localized adverts
(National brand with local branches)
Extra+ $250 asset
hAd Length15 Second advertsLess-50%
jAd Length60 Second adverts Extra+100%