View TVx is the future of Streaming TV. View TVx provides a plugin business model to allow existing content creators and Traditional TV broadcasters to continue to grow their businesses via Streaming Platforms with little or no business disruptions.

View TVx drives higher Video Ad revenues with a great FAST Channel Ad-fill a high percentage of each ad dollar or subscription profit back to the channel operators and the studios.   

The View TVx Streaming eco-system delivers an end-to-end streaming solution to keep all parties within an affordable, sustainable business model—the incredible broadcast ecosystem for Streaming TV.

View TVx

Start a TV Channel with the View TVx Eco-system

Start a TV Channel with the View TVx Streaming Ecosystem containing Cloud TV playoutBroadcast CDNSSAIAd-fil for FAST Channels and FAST Channel Distribution.

One possible way to start a TV channel using FAST channel technology is:

•  Decide on the target audience and the content genre of your channel. For example, you may want to create a channel for comedy lovers, history buffs, or car enthusiasts.

•  Choose a platform that offers FAST channel creation and FAST Channel Distribution. Some examples are Kapang, Samsung TV Plus, Amazon Freevee, Pluto TV, and RedBox. Compare their features, pricing, and requirements to find the best fit for your channel.

•  Create a content catalogue that matches your channel’s theme and audience. You can use existing on-demand content (VOD or SVOD) from your own library or from other sources, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or public domain archives. Make sure you have the content rights to use the content and comply with the platform’s policies.

•  Organize your content into playlists or programming grids that simulate a linear TV experience. You can use different criteria to group your content, such as genre, topic, length, popularity, or freshness. You can also add live events or original shows to your schedule to attract more viewers.

•  Monetize your channel by inserting ads into your content. You can use the platform’s ad network or your own ad partners to generate revenue from your channel. You can also customize the ad frequency, duration, and placement to optimize your FAST channel’s performance and user experience.

•  Launch your FAST channel and promote it to your target audience. You can use social media, email marketing, SEO, or other strategies to increase your channel’s visibility and reach. You can also track your channel’s analytics and feedback to improve your content and monetization

View TVx
FAST Channel Eco-System

Streaming TV Eco-system for monetising Linear Broadcast & VOD

View TVx eco-system enables broadcasters to create and distribute their streaming TV channels and video-on-demand content as AVOD to various platforms and devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Samsung TV Plus. View TVx also leverages the advantages of FAST Channels, such as free ad-supported TV, linear programming, and connected devices.

View TVx offers a plug-in business model that allows existing content creators and TV channel broadcasters to continue to grow their businesses while adopting little change. View TVx brings double the earnings of each ad dollar compared to other services or substantial subscription profit back to the channel operators and the studios.


View TVx

View TVx consists of five main components.

View TVx consists of four main parts but can be used independently to fill shortfalls in existing solutions.

View TV Play – Create FAST Channel TV Experiences in the Cloud

A streaming TV service that covers origin creation, transcoding, CDN, SSAI, ad-fill, and FAST Channel distribution.

View TV Cloud – FAST Channel Eco-system delivering a great experience

An integrated cloud broadcasting service that provides FAST Channel playout, broadcast-grade CDN, integrated SSAI,  and AVOD content.  Simply ingest your existing linear playout feed and View TV Cloud provides an ad-filled distributed FAST Channel feed.

View TV Marketplace – Marrying great advertisers to key audiences

A content creation service that builds premium FAST Channels from content libraries and distributes them to global OTT and CTV Platforms using the unique View TVx ecosystem.

View TV Studios – Developing Entertainment Services

View TV Studios creates channels with video content owners and premium brands to provide a joint-venture broadcast experience.   View TV Studios includes Rathergood TV, Only Motors TV and View TV channel brands.

Kapang TV – Connected TV Platform 

Kapang is a CTV Platform linking audiences, advertisers and broadcasters in a turn-key solution. 

What is View TVx all about?

View TVx Founder Jamie Branson said: “We are very proud to introduce View TVx as the future of streaming TV. View TVx provides a comprehensive and advanced solution that can help broadcasters reach more viewers and monetise their content more effectively. View TVx offers a unique value proposition that combines the best of both worlds: the convenience and flexibility of streaming TV and the profitability and quality of traditional TV.”

View TVx is available on various devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android TV, and more. All View TVx customers get exclusive Kapang platform benefits to drive audiences and revenues.