Deciding on a digital offering can be a headache, we can guide you through that decision to achieve your objective:

it is important to understand what you want first though and here are some pointers

Some of the things that could enable a great start down the digital route include having some digital rights. Do you already have:

  • Over the air rights
  • Linear broadcast rights
  • On demand rights
  • DVR rights

Content is the most costly part of running TV, if you have content rights, you are half-way there.

The other half is having audience. if you already have some TV output, you will have an audience.

Working with us, you can increase revenues without altering a thing in your current business. Do you have audience watching your content / channel:

  • On subscription
  • Broadcast without ads
  • Simulcast with ad replacement
  • VOD with or without ad insertion
  • Broadcast through apps

We can enhance any of these scenarios with our digital solution.

We can make deciding on a digital offering a much easier task by walking you through these opportunities:

  • Enable a digital-first channel to start and ramp up quickly with all the technology required to get the content or simulcast in from of viewers at broadcast quality, digitally
  • Full-service delivery of playout, ad tech, CDN, delivery, video player, apps ad transaction and revenue reporting
  • Make a digital channel from a linear channel of any format, remove and replace the ads with ads individually chosen for each viewer on a digital or web device providing predictable earnings for the channel owner
  • We can replace lower value ads in the national linear content whether the channel is over the air or digital with higher value local ads and with local sponsorship
  • We can turn press or radio into multi-media outlets by adding local TV output that could have national, local or owned content alongside the existing press or radio but using the same, existing local newsroom = more revenue for very little additional cost
  • We can provide a local media model that enables a national / network broadcast reach with affiliates to work together to bring national / own content efficiencies together with locally based ads and sponsorship for each area