What is wyfy?

Wyfy is a hosted 4g and 5g backup internet service, protecting your company against loss of revenue and avoid operational impact should your primary service be disrupted, with automated failover to our 4g and 5g backup service.

The Internet is now on a par with cash, power and light; becoming one of the fundamental resources a business needs to survive. Wyfy provides protection for any business wanting an extra layer of redundancy and a cost-effective, failsafe route to the internet - 24/7.

Why choose wyfy?

  • Protect against loss of revenue and avoid operational impact of being offline.
  • Automated failover to your 4G/5G backup service, should your primary service be disrupted.
  • Connectivity and data is not affected as your IP address remains the same.
  • Test your 4G/5G coverage first, if there’s no coverage we’ll give you your money back.
  • Unlimited usage if your primary broadband connection is offline.
  • Over 98% coverage of the UK population.

Set up and install

Installation couldn't be easier, we'll send you everything that you need. Plug in your preconfigured router and follow our set-up guide, give our technical support team a call and we'll test the 3G backup failover process. The entire process was developed to be simple and efficient, with peace of mind for the company.

Want to know more?

For more information on how wyfy can help secure your company's connectivity, please get in touch with one of our advisers via the Contact page.